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Blogging with, or without intentions, always have a creative and visionary impact!

This article is based on my view points on Blogging. I have also mentioned few blogs below, which I follow and can be a help for all those who have interest in Blogging industry OR for those, who like to read stuff which is inspiring, unique or creative OR for those, looking for an idea of creating something new OR for those, who just like to read stuff without any intentions.

Following is a categorised list of blogs, which I find interesting to read at almost all the times nowadays. I have come across many blogs in last 4 months and these are few of them which I go through daily. Going through these blogs help my inner creative person to rest and enjoy the inspirational stuff and such stuff serves as a kind of fruit-smoothie  which people drink during the breakfast to make their entire day energetic, to my inner creative-passionate soul which keeps it energetic all throughout the day. This has become a part of my growing and learning experience, and I feel insightful after reading these.

1. Health:


2. Lifestyle ( ranging from fashion, style, health food and travelling)

3. Photography


4. Everything:

5. Style and Fashion

6. Blogging


I usually prefer blogs like and not the specific fashion related blogs because blogs like girllostinthecity not only provide us about the daily happenings and happy events going on in the blogger’s life, but also gives us the inspiration which boosts our inner creative.

The Blogger: Emma Gannon usually writes about her favourite TV series’, places,things, books, clothes, music, ted speakers and Podcasts. I connect to her in a way that after reading her posts , my mind is full of ideas and inspirations and this adds to productivity in the day. I get to know about new speakers, books, ideas and thoughts of people which creates a strange excitement in my head to achieve certain things.

I feel connected to such blogs and hence mostly I love blogs which are personalised.

I never was a fan of fashion and designer clothes and hence I have no enthusiasm with those kind of blogs. I find them girly, and I think there is much more to life than just branded clothes and items.

I like blogs which are full of creative stuff ranging from DIY ideas to tips and tricks for a lazy girl. I like fitness blogs and only few kind of food blogs.

Some fitness blogs have all kinds of information about losing weight, creating healthy choices and creating a healthy lifestyle, but only those blogs win my attention, which are personalized and are created by people who go through these life changing journeys and are not running dietbets and 30pound lose programs to earn money.

Some food blogs like foodbabe are essentially informative and are more like reading facts for a healthy survival.

Blogs like are the blogs which help you find your way in Blogging Industry. I follow this Blog, because it describes in detail, each and everything about Blogging industry.

I had applied for a giveaway competition by shoutmeloud and I won a Hostgator Hosting for my Blog. For those who have no idea about Hostgator, it basically will allow my Blog to be accessed via World Wide Web. In layman terms, my blog can appear in the search page of google if it finds some content related to the typed search topic. Before hosting, the website is not free and is inside a small world consisting of people who has the link of the website. But if you want other people to know about your website or to increase the traffic, you should host your website and make it available to all those unknown people from all around the world searching for similar interests as your blog topics.
Check here to know more about it.

Blogs like are unique. When I first saw the blog I immediately fell in love with it because the photography is magnificent. The pictures are beautiful and there is a uniqueness with this blog. That is why I love such blogs, because they instil in us the idea which we never had before, even the existence of which was never there in our minds.

Blogs which focus more on style and fashion do attract me, but I just “go through” them in a non deep way, because they never create a feeling of positive happy future in my mind because these things are just materialistic MOH-MAYA things.

The real happiness and real heart-warming thoughts are the ones which acts as revitalizing agents creating a feeling of dreamy-positive-happy future in my mind, and such a feel is mostly created by blogs which raise issues and are based on daily lifestyle events concluding something vital. They are based on philosophy of growing and creating your own journey of life in an artistic way and finding happiness, exploring different ideas and taking risky and curious steps.

Basically I get obsessed with the blogs which provide me an insight or a creative idea which ultimately result in a happy boost in my life. Well, some read for entertainment and some like me read for inspirations and searching uniqueness.

When I go through different blogs, I feel like some blogs only target money whereas some blogs target passion. The Bloggers of such blogs write and do things which they love and never have the slightest of idea that their passion will be appreciated by so many people. The small moments of happiness on the blog is everything they wish for. Girls writing about their favourite beauty products, their looks and clothes, and their food makes them happy and reading about the daily life events of such girls becomes interesting for the girls going through a similar phase as them.

Hence, I feel that Blogs are a result of either expressing yourself in your own way and making a scrapbook of your life journey where you jot down everything going on in your life. I feel that its an artistic way of  keeping a journal where you store the memories and  make a list of all futuristic things you want to achieve, your hopes and inspirations, your thoughts and where you rant about any kind of stuff you want to.

PS: I feel that today, I have many things in my mind but I am not able to convey them, probably because I have to finish a report and also because I feel like I can’t express my thoughts and jot them down clearly today. Sometimes, Its difficult to express and jot down all the thoughts in a smooth fashion and I wonder what is the reason for this.

Also, I am going for a company trip tomorrow with other interns, organized by the college, and I will be going to a cultural trip day after tomorrow. I need to complete my report now as my alvida days are near.

PPS: Today, I tried a different style of giving title to this post. I was thinking of this at first: “My views on Blogging” but I changed it to the present one because although the post contains loads of info and facts about different blogs, the main purpose of it was to write positive affects of Blogging, and which covers 40% of the current content of the post.

Featured post

A retrospective stage after Mock Group Discussion

I am back to the campus I have been attending aptitude workshop and mock interviews. The aptitude workshop was for 2 days and we were taught different tips and tricks to solve questions which are most common in written examinations for most of the companies. As we were solving more and more and learning more tricks, I was getting more and more uncomfortable with the questions. These type of questions are all done in school in one or the other standard. These simple yet time-consuming questions takes a lot of practice to become easy and less time-consuming. The third day, was GD practice and mock interview time. During the GD, everyone was putting their points forward in a good, systematic manner. The topic was based on ” What would you do as board of directors of BITS Hyderabad, to take your institution to the top 3 institutes of India in the next five years”. We all had some points and everyone expressed their views as students. We all were cribbing about the things which are not good in our college and hence instead of speaking from a board of director point of view we spoke from a student’s perspective that the faculty, placements scenario, curriculum should be changed. We started presenting the faults and suggested the changes instead of presenting the solution. I did the same mistake.

I feel that while writing I can write things and stuff which are going on in my mind. But while speaking infront of a group of people I suffer from an anxiety and the words coming out of my mind increase at a rate when my breath increases and I start feeling uncomfortable while speaking. This public speaking fear was worse before, as I couldn’t converse properly in English, but now when my english is pretty decent, the fear and anxiety results from unmanageable words in my mind which doesn’t come out in a smooth flow from my mouth.

The mock interview was okay and I felt like I could converse properly and confidently with one single person and I have no problem with speaking one on one. The aptitude test followed up and until that time I had lost all my confidence and my mind was in a retrospective stage after the two sessions. I didn’t take the test seriously although I will solve the question paper again.

The retrospective mode of my mind tells me that the thought process in my brain is unrestricted. There is an unrestrained area and I lack the capability of gathering the pieces and providing framework to a particular problem. I put forward a point in the GD which was a contradictory one, but I couldn’t perform like other more mature minded or I should say experienced people and this is scaring me now.

PS: This post was supposed to be a fun one, I had decided to write about my unexpected starting days here, but now I am in a stage where fun seems like a secondary utility.

I am back!

I am back. In every sense. Yes. I am back to India. I have so many things to write. So many changes. Oh my God. Everything is too overwhelming. First things first. I got a Macbook Air. YES. My laptop had broke and was in a very bad state even after its repair so I decided to go rich this time, and bought a MacBook Air. I know that this is a one time investment and I have full plans to use this for 5-6 years now. And even if I want a new laptop in coming years I will be using my earned money for it. I have been feeling quite guilty nowadays with the money issue. I feel like the time has come when I have to start earning for myself. I want to be independent and no longer use my parent’s money anymore. And this feeling creates dark clouds for my USA dreams, and which has resulted in a decision I thought I would never make. (I will tell about the decision later). Anyways,  I feel that this is my best purchase until now and I got an 11 inches MacBook Air at a student discount of 9000INR. I am having difficulty, typing on this new keyboard. The keys are too spaced. Also I feel like I have forgotten English. As I am having difficulty in writing the thoughts. Probably, this feeling is also because of the fact that I am writing after a long time.




The second thing I want to write about, is my friends, my journey back to India. They were a long irritating 30 hours. 1 hour taiwan to china, 6 hours china to india, 1 hour china stoppage, 7 hours at a relative’s house, 12 hours in train from Delhi to Bhopal.

the airplane from terminal just before boarding
the airplane from terminal just before boarding
The immigration counters
The immigration counters
Every terminal had its own theme. This one. Children's park
Every terminal had its own theme. This one. Children’s park
Hakka Empire's king
Hakka Empire’s king’s staute on some terminal whose theme was based on hakka empire
hakka empire theme
hakka empire themed terminal
The awesome airport!
The awesome airport!
me. Trying for a selfie
me. Trying for a selfie
This was in Gangjhou Airport, China. My Transfer flight was quite small
This was in Gangjhou Airport, China. My Transfer flight was quite small
movie in flight
movie in flight
Bidding goodbye to the small island
Bidding goodbye to the small island

I suffered a highly frustrating and inconvenient journey, as in those moments, I was not feeling peaceful and relaxed. It was a state where I was completely exhausted and I could sleep in under a min anywhere and everywhere and wake up in the same timeframe. I was carrying 1 huge hand bag and a shoulder bag with me and the weight of which was getting unbearable hour by hour. The plane from Taiwan to China was good, it had a TV and I was watching a movie (I forgot the name! I am getting worse with my memory nowadays) but the aircraft from china to india was a small one, and it was filled with people who had babies and were of my nationality and this sudden change in the surroundings was maddening me.

But overall, the feeling disappeared when I went back to my house at 10pm and I saw my brother, in SPECS!! I didn’t even know he had specs! I felt like how much more have I missed the important happenings in his life. After this sad cum inappropriate thought at the moment disappeared when I saw my mom standing at the inside gate. And then! Finally I felt a sense of home and happiness and relaxation. After taking a quick shower I ate dinner at 11pm. It was lovely. My mom had made me Rice pulao and fried Potato and Curd which I was craving since last 2 months! And then I switched on the TV. And to my surprise I found myself searching for channels like star movies and star world which I used to watch in Taiwan and not the hindi channels! I guess had this urge of seeing the difference between the channels of Taiwan and India. But to my surprise, we didn’t have those channels in our cable tv. So I switched over to MTV and started watching whatever was coming because I had lost the interest in tv and started focusing on eating. After that, I slept. Like, for 14 hours.

And the second day I went and bought a MacBook. Air. Yes. I am a MacBook girl :D. Ok, enough of the mac obsession now girl! And And, I got my hair permanently straightened. And I am loving them. I am also worried about the aftereffects of this procedure as this procedure brings things like hair fall and roughening if hair is not taken care of properly. So, I am searching for more ways now to maintain my hair in a good texture.

Home Sweet Home!
Home Sweet Home!


My mac, my hair, my life. These are the 3 things I am loving the most at the moment. But, I have to prepare for placements and GRE and what not and I hope I succeed in these upcoming battles.

PS: More on the journey to Hyderabad and first unexpected day at college coming up in my next post. And, This is the first post from my new Mac! (I know, I love it. )

Consider Patience in your life, Kid.

What about finishing all the food you have in one single night. What about posting all the articles you have written at once. What about finishing all the prequels and sequels of a movie on a single day.

And Oh! Oh! I forgot!

What about finishing all the episodes of a season of TV series in a single night. YES. A person like me says yes to all these questions even after knowing the consequences. This is how I was made.I have a tendency of enjoying all the great things collectively. If I like a TV series I will watch 6-7 episodes continuously without any break and become obsessed with it. If I am troubled with a problem I would sit all day in front of internet to try to find out the solution to that problem. I eat, do, watch, feel, experience, buy stuff in bulk amounts. 

What can be the reason of this! Can it be the sub-conscious thinking of the happiness not lasting long or can it be the selfishness and impatient nature which makes me do these things in a bulk-whole sale kind of way. It can also be the fear of losing the happy state after completing one stage related to it. Whatever is the reason. This habit of mine has made me suffer a lot in terms of lacking in my to-do lists and compromise with my health and daily schedule.

I think that, to stop this bulk impulsive attitude of mine, I should start being more patient and controlling. Controlling of my cravings and impulsive decisions. But what about things, which I can not control. I feel happiness, sadness, motivation, love, anger all in bulk and extreme amounts. If I am happy, I am extremely happy and if I am on something, I will dig deeper and deeper in it to finally confirm it in my heart and mind. If I am angry, I will be forever angry at the person or situation and no matter hard I would try, the scars would not become lighter anytime. And if I am hurt the pain stays for months.

What can we say about experiencing emotions in extremities? Why can’t these emotions stabilize for a larger amount of time in our minds. Why can’t we optimize such emotions and live a neutral life filled with balanced aspects.

I have seen people, my friends who are regular and consistent and highly patient at whatever they do in their life. And I admire them a lot. And I want to be like them. I want the extremities in productive part of my life which doesn’t trade my health and routine. I want to dig deeper in a subject of my interest, but not at the cost of health and missing classes or other important stuff. I want to be consistent and patient with certain things I am handling. I don’t want any obsession with a TV series (guilty of this) which screws up my productive hours. I don’t want those hours in my life where I just lie down or surf on internet which have absolutely no worth. This is hard, quite hard. I am trying to incorporate the patience, consistency and regularity aspects in my life now.

I am trying to achieve this for a fully packed productive life. I want to be done with the emotional outbursts and impulsive decisions.

I hope I succeed in this new project of mine.

PS: This is the first article which got the pleasure of starting right from first step, (Title) and this is the first article which is smallest. Also, only 5 days more to India. And I am starting a new project, and I will be releasing the details of that soon to you guys.

Thanks Peeps. Stay in touch in this journey with me. It’s an emotional weather today here.

Sensitive and me? Let’s See.

Read this article, HERE to know what I am writing about.

According to this article, I am a sensitive person. Woah. That’s crazy, isn’t it? I am a sensitive person. Okay. Let me digest this. Well yes if these 12 things perfectly align my situation then maybe I am a sensitive person.

I escape the situations that I can’t handle. True. I run away from the things I am not good at. Be it coding or handling certain kinds of people, I am good in abandoning them perfectly.

My favorite thing, is being empathetic to people. True. I love handling situations and solving people’s life situations because I know that they need to be pulled out of that situation as I dont like sad people or depressing situations. Well, I am selfish also. But I am empathetic too. This means I am sensitive?  idont know, Lets see other thoughts of the article.

I talk with my body language. Yes. Pretty much. I like talking to people freely and I am often hyper-excited while talking to them, So this makes me sensitive? Can a hyper-excited girl be sensitive? Apparently. Yes.

I have to be cautious while giving feedback? TRUE. I can say most irrelevant things at most irrelevant times. Also I can throw non-required frank comments at people or things and create an awkward situation. This makes me sensitive?? Shocking.

I get bored easily, agreed. Total agreement this time. I stop talking to people and listening to them if I start feeling a boredom arena because of them. But then I never do this to people who need me even though the situation becomes boring, I am always there to help them. So, yes. I am sensitive.

I need a lot of space, well few days before I didn’t. But since the time I have started discovering new things and have tried to solve new issues, I have become a person who needs space and want to be alone at specific periods of time in a day. But still, I love hanging out with people. I don’t know now, if I am sensitive.

I am stronger than I look. I would say I am stronger and even I look stronger. Literally. I am trying to workout and make myself a little less stronger (Sarcasm) but yes mentally, I am stronger. So sensitive people are stronger? New thing I learnt today.

I am good at inducing guilt trip? I dont know this. If I am angry at someone I will shout out loud at that person and the world knows. Yes. People know when I am angry because I make them aware of this fact by saying stuff. Sometimes it works, and sometimes induction of guilt trip takes time if the person is real ego-strong. Hence, I dont know that I am sensitive if I can’t induce the guilt-trip sometimes.

There are times I feel socially awkward, Oh right. Completely agreed. Many times I feel like running from the situation because it gets too overwhelming for me to handle those situations.

For example even if I am sitting with a very good friends of mine and they are talking about historic stuff or poetry, I feel like abandoning the arena as I feel bad about not being able to contribute to the stuff they are talking about. I feel awkward and bad, so yes, according to the article if you feel that , you are sensitive. Okay.

I think too much. Pretty much describes the cause of whole sensitiveness. True. I think a lot. And hence everytime I have something to say on some topic, I have different perspectives of that issue to talk about and hence many times, I get confused and I don’t say a word then. People often take me as a confused person, but I know, that inside my mind, the processing is going on 3 times more than those infront of me that I don’t say things in a clear manner or precisely convey to them. This is a problem I face. A lot. I think too much. Too much of everything. I don’t know if its good or bad, but certainly sometimes it makes me feel like an intelligent person and sometimes, just a normal confused person who is trying to get things right. So, according to the article if you do that, then yes congrats for being a sensitive person. Okay. I am a sensitive person.

I believe it because I think with my heart and execute using both, mind and heart. But still, as I am an over-thinker and hence I am not satisfied with this aspect of life about sensitivity. Hence I have no clear words to say about this. I am still confused.

This is how the final days in Taiwan are treating me!

So, Its been 3 days since I wrote my last post. The last 2 days were extremely tiring yet memorable since I got to visit many places with all other International interns. The college had organized a 2 day trip for all the International interns.

First day, we had a company visit where we visited Taiwan’s 2 famous companies, Green Energy Technology and Chungwa Picture Tubes.

Green Energy Technology is the world’s largest manufacturer of Silicon Wafers and I loved the visit to the factory as I got to see the process of making silicon wafers from the scratch. This factory visit was exciting for me because this is the first chapter in every electronics engineer’s learning, whose passion lies in microelectronics and analog VLSI Design.

The second company which we visited was a less exciting one in terms of knowledge and a more exciting one in context to other fancy attractions like infrastructure. The building was so gigantic that a horizontal Taipei 101 without antenna can be easily inserted and fitted in the factory building. And 4 huge airplanes too. But the best thing was the elevator. The elevator was bigger than my hostel room, almost double of it! I was very much shocked to see such a gigantic elevator for the first time in my life. We all were. Anyways, after watching some still machines and robots, we were offered drinks in the food court and afer that we all had a nice group photo and then we returned back to our university.


The second day visit was a cultural visit. First we went to the National Palace Museum, the fourth largest museum in the world. I was not excited about this visit because I am not a history-geeky nerd. My last visit to a museum was a visit to the Birla Museum in Hyderabad in 2012 with my father and came outside in half an hour because again, as I am not a museum person I couldnt survive the atmosphere inside it. And most of the people who are very much interested in history and culture, they spend their entire day in such museums discussing about the culture and the dynasty and the shoes and the clothes of the Kings and the utensils and the stones and the rings and list goes on and on. The trip was more like a school trip where everyone was in a team of fours which had a team leader who was a student from our university leading all the interns in his team.

The building of the museum is elegantly infrastructured!
The building of the museum is an elegant infrastructure!
The long gate leading to the museum. And the surroundings.
The long gate leading to the museum. And the surroundings.

I had never been to such a posh museum before. The ambience of museum plays a very important role in deciding the final emotional outcomes of the museum visit for a person like me who is a non-museum person.

But I finally decided the formula of a museum visit for a non-museum person.  When we goto a normal museum we get to see the old things which are displayed on the stands and the atmosphere around is usual.  But if we talk about a grand museum visit like I had today, we start admiring  and praising the arts and sculpture and old clothes present there.  But all this in a different way. In a non-nerd-modern-non-historical kind of way. The vases and ancient bronze utensils gave me the idea of what kind of utensils are beautiful and I can use them for my future dream house. The ancient Chinese costumes gave me the idea of few dresses and designs I can try for a classic ancient yet modern fashionable look. The a.c. and crowd of foreigners and our rushing team helped me a lot in a satisfying kind of way as for a non history and museum person like me it’s always good to look at foreigners and their style and rushing because then there is no analysing of every kind of historic item present over there, which was exactly what I wanted.


The building is built as an ancient stylized palace and hence the name has palace word in it. The surroundings were full of beautiful nature scenes consisting of mountains and greenery all around. This is the beauty of every place of Taiwan, any city you visit, you will find such iconic sceneries and views.

The museum gave me  a lot of ideas for future regarding creative decorative stuff and style and also I learned a lot about jade stone.
And now, I want to own a jade stoned ring.
Yeah that’s not possible any time soon as it’s a very expensive stone. But I will. In future.

The second place we visited on this second day was Tamsui streets in New Taipei City. I had already been to this place and hence I was more excited because now I could focus my attention on streets for shopping and not on the actual beautiful sceneries which I had already had enough of in my last visit. We were given two hours of time to roam on our own and not like a herd following their leader and hence now, I was free to carry out my lonely yet pleasurable journey towards the streets of Tamsui which had shops on one side and river on other.

I shopped a lot. And I bought clothes (The most newest loved ones are added in my bag full of more loved ones) and I drank coffee and I had a lovely time roaming around the streets and I looked and wondered and bought and became happy after 2 hours of my alone shopping session.

:  7

Goodbye Kids and Peeps!

PS: Only 8 days more to India. I am damn excited about every other thing following these days, the last foreign shopping for gifts, the second time flight, rushing towards the gate of my house and throwing away the luggage and entering my house, meeting my brother after 6 months, hugging my mom after 6 months, drinking a cup of tea, switching on the television and listening to hindi TV shows or advertisements and not in chinese, giving the gifts to my awesome bro, meeting my only friend in my home town, talking to her, meeting my relatives, and the list can’t stop. YES. I am homesick now, finally! I was afraid I could forget India but no. I never can forget my own country because it’s in my blood, it’s the part of my roots of my soul and no matter how much ever the world we travel, our inner self is soothed only after coming back to our own country. My father always says a quote in Sindhi which means “Your house is like a Guru’s house, calm and peaceful and when you are out of it, you are rooted out from it and you experience turbulence in your life. And after returning back to your house, you return back to the calmness”.

Agreed and experienced.

Is it the demands that makes a leader!??

They say that leaders are born. But in my opinion, leaders are created in those life hanging situations when society/people are in a dire need of a strong, tough and determined leader who can pull them out of the mess they are in. The pressures and situations lead to an arena where there is a high expectancy of solving the issues and the one who channelized these situations in a direction of solving it, emerged out as a leader.

When the society is collapsing or when it has to make a decision which is acceptable to all, a leader plays the role of a messiah, deciding what is instrumental for the society. All the ups and downs are marked by his presence and he shapes the society for a benefit for all. The endurance of society towards him depends on how he handles these ups and downs, which ultimately decide the preservation of his leadership.

The demands and requirements create a leader. This is true not only with the society, but with an individual self also. An individual can emerge into a strong emotionally intelligent self leader because of the problems he is facing and the situation he is in. This self-leadership is created because of the efforts an individual puts in to transform himself/herself into a better individual with qualities like self-regulation, discipline, empathy, social skills and leadership. He becomes aware of himself and his surroundings and develops the quality of a great leader. He may or may not rule the society but he has the guts and power to do it. This is how an individual is transpired into a leader.

We have seen great leaders in the past like Mahatma Gandhi and Hitler. One was a leader who freed a country from a 339 year British rule and one was a leader who murdered millions of jews, poles and Serbs. The two are a totally opposite variety of leaders but they established a dominance with the help of their personalities and charisma. They unfolded themselves according to the situations which came in their way and cleared them one by one. Gandhi was a lawyer before he was a leader and seeing poverty and torturous acts on Indians compelled him to take actions and he stood up to fight against it. And that marked the emergence of this leader. A sense of taking things in control awakened and hence, father of the nation was born. Hitler was one who was an obdurate dictator of Nazi Germany, and was at the center of World War 2 and the Holocaust.

The two leaders  developed into two totally opposite kinds of personalities. One was the personality of a saint and other of a miscreant monster. During their pre-leadership days, the situations, and events led them to act and behave and develop qualities which we see during and after their leadership days.  This metamorphosis is a huge deciding factor of the nature of the leader.

True and efficient leaders emerge from all directions of the society. The societal conditions help them sprout up and their determinism help them grow into a full-fledged shelter giving tree.

PS: While writing this article I felt like I am out of facts. I did not have examples of great leaders and the only leaders I remembered were Hitler and Gandhi. Although I do remember the names of other leaders  but I do not have facts related to them. For GRE, you need to give examples and facts and hence I need to start reading more and more about such general topics and remember the facts about them.

Any comments/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

How to secure a foreign internship

During this time, last year I had started planning and researching about getting a foreign internship and here is how I finally got one:

1. The first step is to create a Resume. Create the resume in such a way that it shouts out loud about the work you want to do. If you feel that you don’t have many projects or credentials, then write down every one of your work starting from the smallest of informal project to the current project. Look upon internet to find out about the layouts for resume. Find one which looks professional and is attractive.

 Many people say that the first step should be to find out your interest areas. I however feel that many students are not very lucky in this area. They don’t know about their passion and interests because they don’t have experience in the field they think they are interested in. So if you are already clear about your interests and passion then getting a reply from a professor is not a tough deal. In opposite to this, if you are yet to figure out or are in process of figuring out your interests, sending mails and finding the exact professor will definitely be a great deal for you.

2. After creating a resume and having atleast a brief idea about the field in which you want to work, you enrol in different internship based websites like edulfino and internshaala. Subscribe to the mailing list of such websites and research regularly about any kind of new international nternship news. Also, you can find about international internships on websites like internlelo and quora. In order to not miss any of the internship opportunity news, I would recommend you to join facebook group for international internships. (Edulfino and internlelo).

3. Internships like DAAD and MITACS are very famous and you will get to know about these as soon as the applications are released, but other international internships are not very easily viral on internet and hence you need to keep a check on all these sites for other internships like: CERN, NTHU scholarship and all. There are different kinds of global scholarship programs which are announced during the time of july-november by universities all around the world. There are hundreds of such scholarships but the information of each one is on the website of that particular school/university.

4. List down all the scholarship/internship programs and their final application date. Apply accordingly. You would require recommendation letters, recent transcripts, your resume and sometimes an essay or a cover letter.

5. For some scholarship programs like DAAD you would be required to mail a professor. And if you don’t have a great cgpa or you have a professor to work with in your mind, you can still mail him asking for work.

How to mail a professor? This is a very cubersome task. You should incorporate following information in your cover letter(body of the mail):

  • Dear Professor __Name__ (Dont just write dear prof, write the full name)
  • Your introduction (College, ID, year, Discipline)
  • Your interests
  • Why should he give you a place in his team/lab ( Mention about your interests in his work, and tell him that you have read his paper and got interested in it)
  • The period of work in which you want him to give you work.
  • One or two sentences about your past internship experience. (Not necessary, but still it gives him little idea)
  • Funding (if you are applying through DAAD program then mention this in the subject, else if you are not applying through any program and are randomly mailing him/her, don’t mention anything about funding in the first mail)
  • Hope to hear from you. Yes include this
  • Attach your resume
  • Attach your transcript if you have a CGPA or more than 9. Else no need to attach a transcript until asked.

After mailing wait for a week or two. Then send him/her a gentle reminder if you don’t get a reply. Wait patiently. And still if you don’t get the reply in about 1 week after the reminder, stop expecting any reply.

You can mail to about 50 professors asking for work. And out of those 50, 5 will reply and out of those 5, only one would be a positive reply. It depends. On luck, and the quality of your mail. Luck, because many times the mail directly go into the spam folder or professors don’t even look at the mail.

One trick: Mail the professors at around 9-11 am because this is the time they most oftenly check their mails. For DAAD, Indian Time, 12-1 pm is best suited for mailing German professors.

Mind it, even if you don’t have a great cgpa, you still possess a chance of securing a foreign internship. But you will be required to put in a lot of effort and time. If you are a student with low gpa and high experiences on one particular interest of yours, the chances of you getting accepted by the professor is high. If you are a student with low cgpa and low experiences then chances of you getting accepted are low and even if you are accepted by a professor, funding becomes a problem because most of the times scholarships are given to high cgpa students.

For internships in countries like China, Taiwan and South Korea, you can easily get a professor acceptance but scholarship will again depend on factors like recommendation letters and transcripts. ( A low cgpa is fine with such countries, because all high cgpa people go for Canada, USA and Germany). So if you are a student with low cgpa apply to not so hyped universities and you can secure your foreign internship. If you still believe that having a low cgpa shouldn’t stop you from applying to germany and USA, you should definitely give it a shot.

Overall, it depends on how hard you try and how passionate you are for a foreign internship. I know one of my friend who actually sent 200 mails (not a random number, mind it) and got one acceptance and still couldn’t go because of the funding issue. There are many factors and at the end it all mostly comes down to funding issues. Getting an acceptance is easy and getting a funding from the professor depends on your luck and other factors. So it’s always better to give it a try.

Eliciting the art and science of decision-making!

What consists of your decision-making process? Is it something which mostly consists of the factor of what you like the most or is it something which consists of what is better for you. How do you distinguish between a right and a wrong decision?

This is what I am searching for in my today’s article. People have days, all sorts: good, bad, weird, scary, haunting, embarrassing, guilty, pleasurable, memorable etc. But what decides these days as what they are! The answer my friend, is the decisions we make, every second of our life. Our decision of hanging out with a friend and working in a lab distributed equally between the day is what makes it balanced. Our decision of staying up late and watching a tv series, affect our health, mind and the next day which makes this decision bad. Our decision of hanging out with a guy/girl/friends, makes it good or bad according to the situation which is created after the time spent together. So basically decisions are all taken according to the extent of good/bad in the present in hope for a fruitful future which leaves us in a state of hanging in the middle because we are not sure about the consequence our present decision is going to have on the future.

Well, some people are confident with their decision-making ability, and some people like me are a confused breed of decision makers who can’t measure the rights and wrongs of the decision and take the decision according to what their heart says. Such breed is always struggling with the ongoing battle between the heart and the mind. The heart says to go with the flow but the mind warns that the flow can be turbulent. But again the strong-hearted category aka the not-so-brain using category makes the decision which always turns out to be either a great mess or a great success depending on the situation. Well for me it’s always the former, and now I am thinking to convert myself into the strong-minded category because the results of strong-hearted decision not always turn out to be the way I want.

Well, I am just learning. The question, “How to become a strong-minded and a weak-hearted (or strong hearted, depends on the perceptions of the reader whether he/she wants to consider the feelings of the heart as weak or strong in comparison to the brain)decision maker always gives me a nauseating feeling inside my heart because I am too weak to figure this out. I just can’t figure out the science of decision-making when it comes to my personal life. I am a good professional decision maker and I am proud of it but the lacking personal decision-making skill haunts me and makes me nervous. It’s too important because the decisions of your life decides your future and if you are not going to make that honest, accurate and ethical, how can you expect your future to be all that!

But people learn. They learn from the past, the present and they grow. A bad decision leaves them with an idea of improving their decision-making power, realisations of few great things in their life and an experience they know , they would never repeat again. A future decision eventually gets converted to a decision which is taken with a full constant awareness of both mind and heart. You become strong and develop a confidence of better decisions in future. And you know what they say about the confidence “With confidence, you have won before you have even started”. So I guess, I need to become more confident now for improving my decision making skill and who knows I land up in an arena of good decision makers in just a few days with this confidence.

Fake it until you make it! is what I am going to do now. Fake the confidence of being an awesome decision maker and who knows my next decision actually helps me and doesn’t land me in trouble as it always does! Well, not always. Again, it depends on the variety of factors you take in consideration to decide something.

Moral: Decisions are important. They decide the present and the future. They are the basis of your lifestyle. So decide accordingly. A bad decision can leave you in a state of blemish and a good decision can leave you in a state of magnificence.

Hence, choose wisely.


PS: I am still struggling with the titles of my articles!

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